St. Louis Post Dispatch: Vito’s in the Valley opens in Chesterfield

Vito’s in the Valley, the second location of Vito’s Sicilian Pizzeria & Ristorante in Midtown, is now open at 138 Chesterfield Town Centre in Chesterfield.

In fact, Off the Menu is a week late with this news: Vito’s in the Valley officially opened on October 2.

The menu is slightly different from the menu at the original location. Of course, the new Vito’s offers pizza, both regular and Sicilian-style deep-dish. However, there are some differences among the pasta dishes, and Vito’s in the Valley features more entrées than the original does.

Vito’s in the Valley is open from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday, noon-11 p.m. Saturday and noon-8 p.m. Sunday. The phone number is 636-536-3788.

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Riverfront Times: Vito’s Coming to the Chesterfield Valley

There isn’t a set opening date yet as the restaurant is still under construction, but Gio tells Gut Check he’s aiming for mid-September. It has been four restaurants previously, so he just has work to do to make it his restaurant. When we spoke to him, the dark chestnut polished concrete floor was being worked on.

The menu will be similar to the flagship Vito’s Pizzeria. “There’s not much of that out here [in Chesterfield], a pizza-strong menu like we have downtown. I’ll probably do some different entrees and appetizers, but more or less it will be the same,” Gio says. He’s still looking for a head chef.

“We’re just gonna spread some cheer in Chesterfield and bring out some pizza and pasta and entrees,” Vito says. The brothers had been thinking about a new location for some time, and the Valley seemed like a perfect fit for the modern Sicilian restaurant because of the new outlet malls — plus, they grew up in Chesterfield.

Their mother, Caterina Maltese, will serve as executive chef — sort of. “Executive ball-buster is what she is,” Gio says. “Anybody who’s got a good Sicilian mom would say the same thing!”

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Sauce Magazine: Vito’s to bring its Italian fare to Chesterfield Valley

Longtime Midtown Italian restaurant and pizzeria Vito’s will open a second location, Vito’s in the Valley, at 138 Chesterfield Towne Centre in Chesterfield, as reported by the Riverfront Times’ Nancy Stiles.

Giovanni La Fata, who has managed the Midtown restaurant with his brother Vito La Fata for nearly 20 years, said they always planned to open another location. Since many Vito’s customers are frequent theatergoers from St. Louis County, a restaurant out west made good business sense. “Chesterfield Valley is blowing up with outlet malls and is doing so well,” he said. “We went as far west as you could go, and Vito’s in the Valley has such a nice ring to it.”

Giovanni will oversee day-to-day operations at the 150-seat space that once housed Trattoria Branica, while Vito and brother Marco will manage the original location. The Chesterfield menu will include many of Vito’s classic Sicilian-style dishes and pizzas, but the brothers are discussing new entrees and appetizers that will make appearances on both menus. Giovanni is currently on the hunt for an executive chef.

With construction underway, Vito’s in the Valley is slated to open in late September. “I can’t wait,” Giovanni said. “I can’t even sleep past 4 a.m. anymore; I’m up doing stuff on the computer. I’m scheduling myself in the morning and going crazy for the entire day. I love it.”

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